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Reception & Lounge
The reception is a gracious welcome with complementary hues, sumptuous tiles and a style evident of elegant contemporary architecture.

With classy marble top tables, slender bronze vintage pendant lights and long steches of art and floral design, the restaurant is an inspiration. It comes with a gorgeous view and exudes an unforgottable dining experience.

Bar & Lounge
The highlight of the bar is its intricate pendant bulbs in the shape of an hour glass and the exposed ceiling which recalls the concept of modern industrial design. The white accent textured back chairs, brick walls and pops of ermald green add to the relaxing atmosphere.

Standard Bedroom
Set in greys with occasional hints of colour, this room presents a cool relaxing sa-voir-faire. The art that graces the walls adds to the ‘je ne sais quoi’ of the room. With the selected contemporary furniture, it promises to offer a rare experience you won’t get anywhere else but Alisa Hotel.

Executive Suite
Each object in the executive suite has been carefully curated to create a stunning effect. Elements of the fiery art that represents our rich culture in accordance with the main concept of modern industrialism. The different shades of grey and gold complemented with the selected project colour emerald green added a soft yet sophisticated feel.


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